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Art Class!

All of our classes are made for beginners, even if you have never painted before! We provide step by step instructions and you take home a completed masterpiece to hang up at home! All art supplies are included. We have something for everyone, no art experience needed.

Check out our class types below, and sign up to get started on your painting!

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Class Types

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NEW!! Video Classes

Walk-in Painting Classes 

Come in and try our new "Easely Learn To Paint", Video Classes! These are classes that are available anytime, no need to register!

Here's how it works:

  1. Bring your friends and family and YOU CHOOSE one painting for everyone to do!

  2. We provide an artist to find to help you find a table and get your supplies ready

  3. We put on a video specifically for your group, with private viewing and sound

  4. Everyone follows along with the video tutorial as they paint!

  5. You can take your time, pause the video, and rewatch techniques as needed. It's so easy!

  6. Take your group picture when you are finished, then tell all your friends how much fun you had!


NO registration needed, you come on your time! You don't have to wait for a scheduled class to learn a painting, simply follow along with one of our video classes. We have videos for kids, adults, even holiday themed paintings! 


Instructor Led Classes

Kid & Family Classes

These classes are for kids and families! Simplified instructions are provided with a medium canvas, and all art supplies are included. Paintings are simple and easy for beginners, and an outline is also provided on the canvas to help them get started. Parents are welcome to paint along!


  • All Ages

Adult Classes

These classes are for adults! Detailed instructions are provided with a large canvas, and all art supplies are included. Paintings are simple and easy for beginners, kids are also welcome to join the adult class. Or try a Date Night Class, where each person gets their own canvas, but works on half the image. You must work together to complete the whole painting!


  • Adults and Kids ages 13 and older

Paint & Sip

Join a unique wine tasting and painting course, where you can learn about wine flavors and profiles, as well as how to pair with food. This course is great for those wanting to try wine but aren’t sure where to start. Taste up to four wines! Then enjoy your beverage during the painting class. Step by step instructions are provided with a large canvas, and all art supplies are included. Guests must be age 21 or older to attend.


  • All guests must be age 21 or older, even if not participating in the wine course portion of the event. All guests will have theirs I.D.s checked at the door.


Paint Your Pet

Bring you fury friend to life in a painting!

This session is for anyone! Send us your favorite pet photo and we prepare the image on canvas for you! Then schedule a day and time that works best, and come to our studio to learn how to paint your fury friend, step by step, personalized instructions included.


  • Adults and kids ages 8 and older



Relax, unwind and dive into the world of watercolor

This class is part of our Video Series, and is for anyone! Learn the art of Zentangle designs and see how relaxing it can be! Zentangle is a great technique to focus your creativity and put your stress behind you. Then learn how to apply a watercolor wash to your designs! Or try one of our floral watercolor classes, learning techniques for petals and leaves.


  • All Ages

Art Class

What Our Customers Say

“Such a great time! Went for the date night class and had a blast. Working together with my girlfriend to create one picture was a lot of fun. Definitely worth the price. If you’re thinking of going here, do it. Our instructor was upbeat, encouraging and super helpful.”

-Joshua Bradford

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