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Earn Happy Trees!

We want to reward our customers! Sign up for our Rewards Program, where you can earn HAPPY TREES (our equivalent of points) just for coming to paint with us! Earn “Happy Trees” for Freestyle Painting, signing up classes, and many more qualified purchases in our studio.

Collect enough “Happy Trees” to earn FREE stuff! Who doesn’t love FREE? Learn more below.

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Become a member and pay only $15 for Freestyle Painting!

Rewards Program

Earn "Happy Trees" and turn them into rewards

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign Up to get started!

Step 2

Collect "Happy Trees"

1 Happy Tree

Collect 1 Happy Tree

Walk-in and Paint (Freestyle)

Collect 1 Happy Tree

Collect 5 Happy Trees

Collect 5 Happy Trees

Collect 10 Happy Trees

Collect 20 Happy Trees

Step 3

Earn Rewards!

1 FREE Freestyle Painting Session

Redeem 15 Happy Trees

$15 OFF Total Purchase of $200+

Redeem 20 Happy Trees

1 FREE "Paint Your Pet" Session 

Redeem 20 Happy Trees

1 FREE Kids Painting Kit

Redeem 20 Happy Trees

1 FREE Painting Class (up to $35)

Redeem 25 Happy Trees

1 FREE Art Swag Bag & Supplies

Redeem 25 Happy Trees

$50 OFF A Painting Party

Redeem 30 Happy Trees

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